Thursday, August 30, 2007


We are the Withams. We live in Utah and love it. We have been out here for 7 years and in our house for 6. Our family consits of Big J. (Husband, Daddy and Soldier), M. (Wife and Mother), Little J. (Oldest son in 3rd grade, 8), B. (Middle son in Kindergarten, 5), and S. (Baby boy 10 months old).

Big J. is in the Utah Army National Guard and works full time for his Unit in West Jordan, Utah. He also works part time for a Domino's Pizza as an Assistant Manager on the weekends. He enjoys going shooting or golfing with his buddies when he isn't working. He came home from an 18 month deployment June 2006.

M. (that's me) is full time mother of 3 rambunctious boys. My days are full of getting boys up on time for school (and daddy up for work), changing diapers, chasing baby around, getting B. from school, helping Little J. with homework, and somewhere in there trying to maintain my home. Laundry seems to never end.

Little J. is in cub scouts and loves it. He is always trying to learn and make new things. He loves to read and lately has been into reading books on historical facts. He rides his bike just about anywhere I will let him. He likes being an older brother and watches out for his younger brothers.

B. is so excited to have started Kindergarten this year. He practically ran the whole way to school on his first day and didn't even stop to say good bye. He loves to learn and tell me all about what he has learned each day. He is also a devious little stinker and gets into things if I am not watching him closely.

S. has four teeth now and crawls everywhere. He is such a good, happy, and fun baby. Sleeping through the night has been his thing since he was 3 days old. Only if he is sick do I have a sleepless night courtesy of him. He pulls himself up on things and has the funnest laugh. He is such a joy to our little family.