Thursday, February 21, 2008


The news covered the departure of our soldiers and we made it into the pics...

Farewell Feb '08

His parents and little sister.

I love you Daddy!

So we had to say farewell to our soldier yesterday. He is supposed to be gone for about 14 months. They have training in Oklahoma for a couple months then head overseas to Kuwait. He's in an aviation unit and aviation units are typically used to transport the troops in and out of areas.
The boys and I are doing ok and miss him tons. The car ride home was hard. The boys were crying really hard and saying they "wish Daddy didn't have to leave", which made me cry. I was trying to be strong for them and in so doing bottled my emotions up and couldn't release them later and ended up with a migrain.
It's going to be hard to hear the Apaches fly over our house. I used to call him up and joke about how low they were and tell him to tell the pilots to fly higher because they were rattling the pictures on the walls.

He is going on a much safer mission than he did last time, but it doesn't make it any easier. The fact remains that he will be 7,000 miles away. While he's in the States my sanity will be ok, but once he gets on that plane to go overseas I will lose what sanity I have for a while.