Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Big J!

Ok, so yesterday May 27 was Big J's birthday. I felt it was important for the kids to celebrate his birthday even if he was halfway around the world. So I made cupcakes and decorated them. We invited our best friends over, the Johnson's, and had fun. We took some to a few of the neighbors so they could celebrate too.


We each got a cupcake with a candle...


Sang "Happy Birthday", and made a wish for the birthday boy's safe return...


And then enjoyed our cupcakes!

For Big J's birthday S got a car. He absolutely loves it. Our next door neighbors have one and any time their garage is open he runs in and sits in their little car. Now he has his own and can sit in it or play in it whenever we go play outside.


Watch out world I'm behind the wheel!


Thanks Daddy for a fun car!! Can't wait for you and me to play together with it!

Quick Update...

Big J: Overseas with the military and doing a good job at what he does, and finally kicked what ever illness was plaguing him.

M: Almost 17 weeks pregnant and having more energy, especially compared to Monday 5/19 when I had the flu.

Little J: My helper, he stayed home from school on the 19th to take care of S because I was so sick. He also can't wait for school to get out, and summer vacation to start.

B: Currently sick with a fever and soar throat, not strep (thank goodness). He also had the flu on the 19th. Being a trooper through it all.

S: As precocious as a 19 month old can be. He has so much energy and is curious about everything. Starting to say more words and loves to play outside.

There was a quick update for you all.