Friday, June 27, 2008

Gender Ultra Sound...

So I had my Ultra Sound to check the gender yesterday. The guy doing the ultra sound didn't get any pictures of the face, but got the important one of the gender specific parts. Since I am 21 weeks he said that there was a 1 in 10,000 chance that he was wrong. Have you guessed it yet? How about if I ask you to finish this phrase?... "Think ----"

I don't see a turtle and shell, do you? Then it must be.....

A cute little foot.

The spine, ribs, and bent knee

The heart and heart beat.

Legs crossed at the knees, being shy...

Have you guess it yet? We are going to have a precious little girl! I have a couple face shots on the video, I just have to get it put transferred from VHS to DVD and then I might be able to get a still of the face from the DVD. Perhaps I could even get one of those 3-D ultra sounds from the mall, but they are expensive, is it too early to start spoiling her?

Summer Fun!

Here's Little J setting up the sprinkler for them to run through.
Little J and B getting ready to run through again.
S loving the water and not caring how cold it is.

Now he is starting care that it's cold, but he loves the water so he won't leave.

All better and nice and warm in his towel. Little J had to take him by the hand to get him out of the water.

I am so glad that summer is here. The boys have been playing outside and loving the warm weather with ways to stay cool. I have been loving them not being inside fighting. I long for the structure of school days, but relish the fun they are having and the memories being made.

B's Happy 6th Birthday on 6/13

Sorry it has taken me two weeks to get B's birthday up... We have been busy, I have been tired and let's be honest a little lazy.

We had an outside party. I love summer birthdays for that very reason. I don't have to have the kids inside my house, they can be outside and not thrashing my house. The kids played in the little pool, the sprinkler, and with squirt guns and squirt bottles. They had so much fun. I sat in a camping chair and got sunburned while they all had a blast.

Filling up the squirt guns in the pool.

This is B and his Bestest Friend in the whole world Z. They were warming up by laying on the warm cement.

Some of the kids waiting for the cup cakes and ice cream sandwhiches. S runnimg back to the pool because he loves water!

I am passing out the cup cakes after B made his wish (the wind blew out his candle).

B had so much fun and really enjoyed having a water part for his birthday. It was a nice warm day too. We had had 50 degree temps earlier in the week so I was worried it was going to be cold and I would have to figure something else out for the kids, but it all worked out and they all had fun!

Monday, June 2, 2008

OUCH, my head hurts!

The excitement never ends around here.

Little J and B see someone to help them and me with their behavior issues as well as little J's ADHD. We were at our appointment today and S found a little chair that was just his size to sit in. It was positioned right in front of a white board and so he was pretending to draw on the board (pretending because he couldn't get the markers open, and good thing, would have been a big mess). He dropped a marker and tried to pick it up without getting off the chair. He fell to the left and hit his left eye on another chair. He will have a nice shiner on his left eyebrow as well as just to the left of his left eye.


After he was done being comforted he got down off my lap and went right back to the chair. He was repostioning and dropped another marker. I knew he was going to fall again and it happened faster than I could react. I was reaching for him when he fell to the right this time. He hit the back if his head on an end table and then on a free weight that was under the table. I heard the chink of the metal on the free weight and knew he hit it. I just didn't know how hard. He was sat on my lap with his head against my chest for a long time while he was being comforted. When he got down the back of his head was covered in blood and so was my chest. I calmly took him to the bathroom and washed his head and wiped the blood off my chest. I didn't figure it was life threatening because it wasn't gushing so we finished our appointment (which ended a bit early) and headed to the pediatrician for a medical opinion on whether stiched or staples were needed. There were three cuts and one was about a centimeter long and fairly deep. The other two were smaller one was barely noticable. The doctor said that we could have put a staple in the larger one, but it would most likely heal better on it's own. Just said I should keep it clean (at which he chuckled since S is an active todler), and watch for things out of the norm. He made sure there was no concussion and then we were on our way.



(The picture above shows the largest cut and the one that we could have put a staple in)


When we got home all S wanted to do was play. It was starting to get chilly because rain was moving in so I closed the garage door while he played with his car. B kept getting into it when S got out. S didn't like that at all, he would yell and push B out of the car. Guess he wasn't feeling the head injury too much.


So Proud

So when B was sick with his soar throat we took him to the doctor for fear it was strep. While waiting for the doctor to come in S. tried and tried to climb up to be with B. He finally got up on the step and was so proud of himself. There was just one problem... he couldn't seem to figure out how to get back down.

It turned out to be ther perfect place for him, because when the doctor came in he had his laptop and Curious S wanted to play with it, but couldn't because he couldn't get down to where it was.