Friday, October 17, 2008

We have a new deck

There are some amazing people in my neighborhood, and since Big J is deployed the members of our church decided to help us build a deck. I bought the wood and they did the rest.

It took two nights to build and I was only able to get pictures of one night of work.

Builing the frame for the deck.
This was our old deck
Getting ready to put in the joists.
Putting in the joists.
Little S. wants to help too!
Looks like the joists are done, bring on the planks.
Starting the planks.
Putting in the planks.
Keep them coming.
This is the deck all done.

I am so excited to have a deck. Big J started to build a deck 7 years ago, and I was beginning to think it was never going to be built, but thanks to those in my neighborhood we now have a deck. There are some finishing things that we will do, such as putting up railing and some lattice to keep toys, kids, and animals out from under the deck.

While the men were building the deck the young men were staining my fence the approved HOA color.

Looking down the length of my fence.
Part of the fence that was stained a few months ago by the young men.
The boys and one leader.
Two of the leaders.
Caution wet paint.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Baby Shower

So my bestest friend MJ threw a baby shower for me with the help of some other M friends. There were pink balloons EVERYWHERE. It was so so so much fun.

She made a matching game where you have to match the name of an animal with the name of the mother and the name of the baby. So if the animal was a Alligator the mother was a Cow and the baby was a hatchling.

She also made a baby bottle ring toss. The baby bottles were filled with Reece's Pieces and we used a teething ring to toss on them. We got to keep the bottle and eat the candy if we made it, my friend S took pity and gave me the second bottle she won since they are my favorite candy.

I had lots of family and friends there. It was really great. Thanks MJ!! I received many wonderful and useful gifts, thank you everyone!