Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Project in the basement

So for the past 3 years we have been trying to finish a room in the basement for a play area for the boys. We started this project while Big J was on his first deployment. I bought all the supplies before he came home on leave. While he was on leave he and his dad started the project. After Big J went back overseas his dad and I worked more on the basement, mostly his dad. The basement wasn't even close to being done.... so when Big J came home from deployment he picked the task back up, he and his dad textured the walls and painted the primer. Then started deployment number 2. I bought all the paint two years ago, and finally we have started to use it!!!!
We have most of the walls painted. I have a little project I am working on for one of them and then there is the bookshelf...

We have Yellow!


More of the same Blue wall


(Behind the sheet will be the guest room when we decide to finish that part)

And last but not least Beige.

(The area beyond the plastic is for a future bathroom to the left, and utility area leading to the cold storage on the right)


This is my project, it will be plaid when all is said and done. Using all the colors in the basement and a little black for accent.