Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Witham boys and legs...

So, Little J hurt his leg last night. We have an appointment this morning at 10:40 and I am going to make sure they take x-rays just in case. There was a huge lump last night about the size of an egg, the lump is much smaller now but the pain was so bad he couldn't sleep last night. I have been giving him Ibuprofen for the pain and swelling. We shall see what the Dr says.

We go back to see the Orthopedic Surgeon for B this Friday, he is still limping and complains sometimes about the pain, but I think it's better than it was. He hasn't followed the Dr's orders to not run and jump either, he's 5 what do you expect?

S decided that he likes to turn the TV on and off and today I caught him on camera... He is a sneaky little guy,but super cute and check out the hair... Can you believe he's almost a year old?

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Update on B

The Dr we saw yesterday was really nice and very thorough. He did more x-rays and determined that there isn't a ton of fluid around the knee, but there is a small fracture that is super close to the growth plate. He didn't want to immobilize B because that could end up doing more damage to the growth plate. B just has to make sure that he does low impact things for the next 3 weeks, when we have another appointment. How do you tell a 5 year old that they can't run but they can walk? He can't jump in anyway shape or form either.

Other than that we had the Pine Wood Derby today. Unfortunately Little J didn't win, in fact he came in 2nd to last. He did win the Most Patriotic Award. Big J made a car too, and when we got to race his car it took 3rd in it's class. I will add pictures of the cars when I take some. I forgot my camera this morning. :(

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Frustration with Doctors...

Let's see... where to start....

Two weeks ago (Sept 13) B was coming inside, through the garage, from playing outside. He is a bit of a klutz, and he tripped up the stairs, managing to give himself a black eye (left side) and hurt his right knee. The next day (Friday) I picked him and the neighbor boy up from school and he was limping so I had him sit in the bottom of the stroller.
(this picture is from last year when I walked to go get my friends daughter from school and B would be "too tired" to walk)
Saturday was bowling day, both of the older boys are in a bowling league. B was still limping really bad after he bowled his two games so we made an appointment for him to see the doctor. Big J took him to the Dr. and I stayed at the alley since Little J wasn't done bowling yet.

Big J and B waited at the Dr's office for 30 minutes before being seen. B was very afraid of having to get shots so he was being overly brave. Dr had him walk and run and looked at his knee and said it was nothing more than a contusion. So we take the Dr's word for it and go our merry way. The entire next week B is limping and it's getting worse. He is really not one to complain and doesn't like having attention drawn to him. I made a mental note to call and make another appointment at the Dr, but as a mother of 3 I forgot. On Monday (Sept 24) I noticed his limping seemed to be worse than before, and this time other people are really starting to notice as well. Tuesday we went to the Dr and I told them I wanted an x-ray because is obviously wasn't just a contusion. They sent us to the hospital to have a radiologist do the x-ray and then look at it, so as to get the best answers possible. We hear back and the results show that there is fluid behind the knee cap as well as surrounding the joint. The referral is given to go to an Orthopedic Surgeon and B is to be off his knee as much as possible and stay in bed except to go to the bathroom. (You try telling a 5 year old boy to sit and not get up and play.)

We have our appointment tomorrow (Friday, Sept 28) and hopefully this Dr knows what they are doing and can diagnose it properly. I am guessing they will take a sample of the fluid to determine what it is and check to see if it's hiding a fracture.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


We are the Withams. We live in Utah and love it. We have been out here for 7 years and in our house for 6. Our family consits of Big J. (Husband, Daddy and Soldier), M. (Wife and Mother), Little J. (Oldest son in 3rd grade, 8), B. (Middle son in Kindergarten, 5), and S. (Baby boy 10 months old).

Big J. is in the Utah Army National Guard and works full time for his Unit in West Jordan, Utah. He also works part time for a Domino's Pizza as an Assistant Manager on the weekends. He enjoys going shooting or golfing with his buddies when he isn't working. He came home from an 18 month deployment June 2006.

M. (that's me) is full time mother of 3 rambunctious boys. My days are full of getting boys up on time for school (and daddy up for work), changing diapers, chasing baby around, getting B. from school, helping Little J. with homework, and somewhere in there trying to maintain my home. Laundry seems to never end.

Little J. is in cub scouts and loves it. He is always trying to learn and make new things. He loves to read and lately has been into reading books on historical facts. He rides his bike just about anywhere I will let him. He likes being an older brother and watches out for his younger brothers.

B. is so excited to have started Kindergarten this year. He practically ran the whole way to school on his first day and didn't even stop to say good bye. He loves to learn and tell me all about what he has learned each day. He is also a devious little stinker and gets into things if I am not watching him closely.

S. has four teeth now and crawls everywhere. He is such a good, happy, and fun baby. Sleeping through the night has been his thing since he was 3 days old. Only if he is sick do I have a sleepless night courtesy of him. He pulls himself up on things and has the funnest laugh. He is such a joy to our little family.