Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bug Bite??

Little B got bit by a mosquito on the upper right side of his forehead at the Pack meeting on Tuesday night. This is what his face looked like this morning...

So I have never seen this type of reaction from a mosquito bite before... Here are a couple pictures taken a while ago that show what his face normally looks like...

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of School

After going shopping at Sears and joining the KidVantage program (super program, they replace worn out clothes and shoes in the same size if you have the receipt) the boys are ready for the first day of school almost.... I forgot to go get them backpacks, oops :)

The two older boys are off to their first day of school today. Little J is going to 4th grade (can't believe I am mother to a 4th grader) and B is going to 1st grade. I hope they have a good day and listen to their teachers.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Chess and Cheese

The older two boys decided to play a game of chess...

And S. decided my camera was something fun to play with... So, while the boys were playing chess, I was teaching S to say "cheese!" Which he did about every other minute. He would walk over to me and say "cheese" so I would take his picture. I think his motive was for me to turn on the camera so he could try to take it from me.

The boys had to defend the chess board from S a few times.

After about ten minutes of playing Little J had B in checkmate.

B is still learning the game, for the most part he knows what pieces move where but firmly believes that if you take one of his pieces, you should let him take one of yours. I had to explain that isn't the way the game works.

They had fun playing and I got some cute pictures, or should I say proof they actually can play nicely together...