Monday, November 10, 2008

Saying "Good Bye" again...

We got to have two whole weeks with our Soldier and this morning we had to take him to the airport to say farewell for approximately 99 more days. It was really hard to say good bye again, even though the end is in sight. This time the task ahead of me involves 4 children, 2 of which are in diapers. Although it will be tough, I know I have the support of family and friends to help me through.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Introducing Little Miss SJ

Our beautiful little girl was born on Oct 30, 2008 at 1303. She was 7 lbs 5 oz and 19 inches long with auburn colored hair. We are so in love with her.

My labor story… I was to be induced the morning of the 30th, but had been up since 0230 so we went into the hospital on our own. The admitting nurse didn’t seem to be very happy about being there, or maybe that is her normal demeanor, her bedside manner was lacking a lot. When she did my IV her hand was shaking so bad (she wasn’t a new nurse either), and my vein still hurts. Then she had to check my cervix and was extremely NOT NICE. My Doctor came in a little while later to check me again, break my water, and put a scalp lead on the baby to better monitor her heart. I then opted for the epidural because I knew I would be given pitocin soon.

After getting the epidural my memory gets a little sketchy, I was pretty heavily drugged at that point. I do remember being in a lot of pain and the anesthesiologist had to come in a few more times to give me extra shots. My best friend MJ and Big J were there with me and helping me through the pain. I know that I dilated quickly and was soon telling the nurses that I needed to push. The nurses told me not to push, saying I was only dilated to a 9 and needed to be a 10 so that everything would go more smoothly. Finally one of them checked me again and said I was a 10, and then they discussed for a few minutes as to who should call the doctor. All the while I am trying not to push, but my body very much wanted to push.
Once the Doctor got there and I was in position to push, I only pushed four times. Three times to get her head out, and once for her body. Big J got to cut the umbilical cord. I guess I had a little tear and was given a few stitches. Little Miss SJ had some residual fluid in her lungs and had to be taken to the nursery, but not before I got to hold her for a few minutes to get acquainted.

I have to say I have the most wonderful Doctor. He always makes me feel at ease and answers any questions I may have. A few minutes after my delivery he came back after cleaning up to check the c-section scar on my uterus. He wanted to make sure that it was all okay and not in danger of rupturing. The Doctor I had with B didn’t do that and B was my first VBAC.

We are really enjoying having a little girl in the house. Little Miss SJ has everyone but S wrapped around her finger, especially her daddy. He will really miss her when he has to head back overseas. All of us will miss him as well.